Mold Testing Services in Towson, MD

Who offers a professional mold testing service near me? You're likely to ask this question when you suspect mold in your residential or commercial property. For instance, you can smell mold but cannot see any visible evidence of its presence. An insurance company can also ask you to prove that your property has mold before covering the remediation costs. Additionally, you can perform a mold test when purchasing or selling a property. Specific health concerns can also necessitate the need to test your home for mold.

At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson, we have certified specialists providing mold testing in your local area. Our services cater to business and homeowners' needs when they want to know whether their properties have a mold infestation.

Our Mold Testing Process

Our professionals follow industry-standard practices for mold testing. Once you schedule an appointment, our experts will come to your property to collect the necessary air and surface samples from the affected area. These samples are then sent to an independent lab for analysis.

We only work with reputable laboratories with a proven track record of providing unbiased results. This ensures that the results that we receive from the lab are accurate and reliable.

Our Towson Mold Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive array of mold testing services. Here is what you get when you book our services:

  • Visual mold inspection: Our mold detection service starts with inspecting different areas of your property, including behind dry walls, to determine whether this fungus is showing visible signs. In some cases, mold is visible and may not require sample collection and lab analysis.
  • Sample collection from the air and surfaces: We perform an air quality test to determine whether there are elevated levels of airborne mold spores in the indoor environment. Our experts will collect samples from the air and the suspected surfaces and send them to a lab for careful examination and analysis.
  • Checking for moisture problems: Mold can grow in various areas with favorable environmental conditions. For instance, this fungus can thrive in places that experienced water leaks or have excessive moisture. We use the latest technologies, including infrared imaging and humidity meters to check for moisture issues that could have led to hidden mold growth.
  • Black mold detection: Maybe you've noticed black patches throughout your property. In such cases, scheduling a black mold testing appointment with us could be a wise idea. We will safely test your home or business for black mold without exposing anybody to this hazardous fungus.

We can meet all your mold detection needs professionally and efficiently when you call us for help. We will provide a detailed analysis report and guide you on what needs to be done to fix the mold problem.

How Much Does Mold Testing Cost in Towson, MD?

The cost of mold testing depends on how many rooms or areas require testing, the number of samples required, and other factors. However, we strive to provide affordable prices for our mold testing Towson, MD services. Our mission is to help our customers determine whether this harmful fungus has infested their properties and help them take the necessary remediation measures.

Save on High Renovation Costs by Detecting Mold Growth Early

Don't wait for the mold to damage your property or cause more health problems to your family, instead call us for mold air sampling and surface testing. Mold can lead to needing costly repairs and result in health consequences if you don't address the issue early.

Rather than allowing this fungus to spread to different parts of your property, let our experts test it for mold and recommend the best mold remediation measures. And now that you know whom to call for mold inspection, don't let another day pass by while doubting whether you have this fungus on your property or not. Call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson at 443-608-5358 to schedule a mold testing appointment!

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