Professional Rug Cleaning After Water Damage

Water damage is the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with. Once the water seeps into your rug, you only have 24 to 48 hours to get it restored. A wet rug can be a breeding ground for mold growth. When ignored, water damage can not only harm the structure of your house but can also harm your health, furniture, clothing, and other possessions.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be solved with DIY sorcery. In many cases, water damage can target areas of your rug you might not even notice. For immediate, professional water-damaged rug restoration, make sure you call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson.

How Does a Rug Get Water Damage?

A rug can get water damage due to several reasons. Some of them include:

  • Clean Water Damage. This water damage source could arise from rainwater flooding, faulty water lines, damaged home appliances, or any spills at your home.
  • Grey Water Damage. Grey water often includes moderate contaminants. This type of water damage may arise from a toilet overflow or even a dishwasher discharge.
  • Blackwater Damage. When your rug gets damaged due to black water, it gets highly contaminated. Sewer backups are typically one of the main sources of black water.

In many cases, a damp rug could be the result of hidden leaks that may constantly seep under a rug's surface. While you may not be able to detect this dampness straight away, you can still notice a musty and foul smell. This moldy odor typically emanates from the "leak area".

Will a Rug Get Mold If It Gets Wet?

Your rug can develop mold if it experiences constant dampness. The small area sandwiched between your floor and the rug's padding creates an ideal space for mold to grow. As it spreads, mold digests the carbon on your rug's surface and breaks it down gradually.

It takes just 24-48 hours for mold to grow, depending on how damp your rug is. In the case of black water, mold can multiply within just 24 hours. Mold can be invisible, but you may be able to detect it from the following signs:

  • A musty, foul, and wet smell, that is often the first indicator of mold.
  • Discoloration in the rug's padding and surface.
  • Respiratory issues and allergic symptoms that some of your loved ones may experience due to heavy mold growth.

If you suspect mold of any kind in your rug, reach out to Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson immediately.

Steps Involved in Professional Rug Cleaning After Water Damage

Home flooding can destroy your rugs, hardwood, or just about anything it comes in contact with. DIYs rarely work in such situations and rug replacement can be highly expensive. Fortunately, you can always reach out to our professional service in Towson to restore your rug back to its pristine condition. Here's what our process of rug restoration after water damage looks like:

  • Rug assessment. We first assess the amount of damage your rug has suffered from home flooding or spillage. This is the stage where we determine whether your rug can be salvaged or not.
  • Water extraction and drying. We deploy our professional-grade equipment to remove all traces of dampness in your rug.
  • Deep cleaning and stain removal. This step involves freeing your rug's deep inner fibers from germs, stains, and other contaminants. Our deep cleaning methods erase traces of dust, pollen, and bacteria alongside prolonging its lifespan.
  • Mold treatment. Mold can spread like wildfire. We uproot the very source of mold from your rug to ensure no traces of mold remain.
  • Rug repair and restoration. Our rug cleaning experts gently clean dirt, debris, allergens, and grime from rugs of all types including wool or Persian rugs. Our cleaning methods are gentle yet fully effective to ensure no damage comes to your rug during the process.
  • Final inspection and protection. Once the rug restoration process is complete, we double-check everything with our final inspection to ensure your rug is fully restored.

Once your rug is back in its pristine condition, we also help you understand how to maintain it post-restoration.

Flooded Rug Cleaning: DIY or Call a Pro?

It's natural for homeowners to take matters into their own hands for water-damaged rugs. However, restoring a rug takes more than just vacuuming it dry. No traces of dampness must remain, and mold, bacteria, and other allergens must be erased. The padding must be fully restored. In short, the process demands professional-grade equipment and expert-level cleaners.

With DIY, you may think the job is complete. However, dampness can remain in hidden areas or underneath the surface of the rug. This, in turn, can trigger mold growth, irreparable rug damage, and health issues. What's more, bacteria and mold from the rug can spread to the subfloors, walls, furniture, and fixtures. A lack of professional cleaning can also leave behind a dirty and musty odor.

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Rug Maintenance after Water Damage

Water damage can be an ongoing issue. For preventing rug damage from flooding, it's critical to evaluate your house for flood preparedness.

Flood-proof your home by checking your foundation vents, adjusting the grade of your lawn, checking your downspouts, and keeping your appliances above flood level.

Whether your rug can be salvaged or not often depends on the intensity of water damage. Our professional rug cleaners will let you know immediately whether your rug can be salvaged post-cleaning or not.

Call to Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson for Rug Cleaning Services

Water damaged rugs demand immediate attention and professional help. From thorough water extraction to deep rug cleaning after water damage - the rug cleaning experts at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson have the equipment, expertise, and experience to bring your rug back to its pristine condition.

We can perform our job either at your location or offer a free pick up and drop off to perform a thorough cleaning at our warehouse. If you're looking for a rug cleaning service you can trust, reach out to us now!

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