6 Most Common Questions About Carpet Cleaning

After 10 years of cleaning carpets, I think that I have heard almost all the questions about carpet cleaning from my customers, many of the questions repeat themselves, so I went on and gathered the most common ones.

1. Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

There are professional carpet cleaning methods and products specifically designed to remove pet odors completely from the carpet. With excessive staining, the stains may have also soaked into the pad, and the pad may need to be replaced before the odor will completely disappear. Our technicians will be able to tell you if professional carpet cleaning will remove the pet odors in your carpet.

2. How much does it cost to get my carpet cleaned?

The cost of carpet cleaning really depends on the condition of the carpet and on the size of the area to be cleaned. When the technicians arrive for the cleaning, they will be able to tell you what cleaning your carpet will cost. Getting your carpet cleaned costs a lot less than having to replace it.

3. Are carpet cleaning fumes toxic?

You don't need to worry about toxic carpet cleaning fumes! Our processes use safe and effective cleanings solutions, diluted according to manufacturer instructions and industry standards.

4. Can carpet cleaning remove dog urine stains?

Carpet cleaning can remove dog urine, but only if it is done right. We offer a specialized pet stain cleaning, that neutralizes dog urine so it can be removed easily during the carpet cleaning.

5. Can carpet cleaning cause allergies?

The main risk of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is that you can overwet the carpet. Overwet carpet does not dry quickly and can grow mold and harbor dust mites.

6. How does carpet cleaning work?

Let's explore how carpet cleaning works. With hot water extraction, our professional equipment performs two important tasks at the same time: the pressurized jets of hot water agitate and loosen the dirt, while the powerful vacuum pulls the water back out, along with the dirt it removed.

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