Will Mold Grow in My House?

We all know those annoying patches on surfaces. The damp, earthy, musty, and noticeably unpleasant smell makes them a nuisance even more. But what are they? Mold spores are microorganisms that grow in multicellular structures known as hyphae. This type of fungi grows on damp or decaying substances and in different colors.

Mold grows further by releasing small spores that spread through the air until it lands on another surface. If moist, the spores continue to spread. Mold grows in all seasons and climates and can be found both outdoors and indoors. Indoors, it grows and survives on excess moisture and carbon from building materials. Outdoors, mold's source of nutrition is mainly plants and decaying organic matter e.g. fallen leaves.

Conditions for in-house mold growth

Areas with high relative humidity (62-93%) and organic or carbon materials are at higher risk of mold growth, e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, and basements. High temperatures (77-87°) make the environment ideal for mold. This explains why it is rampant between June and August.

In warm seasons, humid air enters the basement through a window. The moisture settles on the basement walls through condensation leading to temperature change and mold growth. Towson experts cite plants near building foundations as another catalyst of mold growth as they prevent the building from absorbing sunlight and air. Areas experiencing water damage and poor ventilation also catalyze mold growth.

Threats to human health from mold and the solution

Mold has an unbearable odor. Worse, it poses a health hazard. The microbes spread by mold lead to several respiratory issues. These include wheezing, coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, and throat irritation. Mold also causes allergic reactions such as rashes and eye irritation.

The elderly or those with low immunity may suffer severe lung infections, shortness of breath, and asthma. Therefore, we have to keep our environments mold-free. Our mold experts say, "if we can combat moisture, we can combat the spread of mold." Here are some of the prevention measures you can take;

  • Clean and dry your surfaces after water leakage within 24-48 hours.
  • Use mold-killing chemicals while clean high humidity surfaces.
  • Keep rooms well-ventilated with exhaust fans that vent outside.
  • Keep humidity levels low (50%) using dehumidifiers and air conditioners.
  • Avoid carpeting areas prone to high moisture levels
  • Ensure your plants are 6 to 8 ft from your house to ensure sufficient intake of sunlight and air.

In case of any new construction, you are free to consult with certified professional experts in Towson to ensure proper installation of technologies and materials, and avoid build-up of moisture.

Mold-related services in Towson, MD

Are your spaces already mold-infested? Not to worry Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson provides impeccable mold testing and remediation services. Get in touch with us for mold testing and assessment tests with the help of a trained mold inspector.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson provides a cutting-edge solution for mold remediation with competitive pricing. We use exclusive mold removal techniques that work by digesting the spores and wiping out mold on the surfaces and inside cavities. During treatment, our experts advise you on whether or not you can stay during the remediation process. The treatment is meant to last for a long time and without hazardous residue, so it is safe for plants, pets, and humans.



Does mold die in the winter?

In the winter, mold does not die, it becomes dormant. When the temperatures rise, they begin to grow again.

How can you prevent mold on windows in winter?

Install quality insulated windows, keep them open to let in sunlight, and dry off the moisture on the windows daily.

Can mold be worse in the home in the winter months?

Yes, it can get worse during the cold winter months. This happens due to warm air in your heating systems meeting with cold air from outside, creating the perfect conditions for condensation and also mold growth.


Final words

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Towson is known for its impeccable mold removal & remediation along with water damage restoration services. Schedule a consultation with our experts who will give you insights into mold prevention, inspection, and testing. Once we obtain the mold test result, we will also give you a lasting mold removal remedy with our exclusive remediation services.


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